Safety Meeting

S&R held a safety training workshop on Dec. 24. We had over 60 employees in attendance and from all accounts, it was a successful event. The training covered many different topics including fall protection training, safe rigging practices, aerial lift training, and respectful workplace environment training.

The day started with fall protection training presented by Paul of DBI – SALA. The demonstration truck that he brought was very helpful in showing the forces that are generated in a fall and how the fall protection equipment reduces those forces that are exerted on the body. The fall protection requirements were reviewed and new products were demonstrated to show everyone how they can be used on our projects.

The next topic that we covered was safe rigging practices. Fred, Lift-All’s training representative, came and reviewed proper techniques in rigging. Safe rigging is extremely important in our line of work and the information that was provided will be very helpful to our employees. The presentation included what to look for during rigging inspection, determining proper picking points, and the number one rule, “Never stand under the load!”

Our next topic covered aerial work platform operator training and was presented by John and B.J. of NES. Our employees all learned how important it is to follow all of the rules regarding the use of aerial lifts. The presentation included proper inspection of boom lifts, inspection of work areas, and the hazards that an operator should watch for when using an aerial work platform.

The final presentation addressed maintaining a respectful work environment. Norma talked about how to avoid discrimination and harassment in the workplace. Employees also reviewed our company’s policy on harassment and the company’s point of contact if a problem is encountered.

S&R would like to thank the following people for making the day a success!

Paul Lightner – DBI-Sala
Fred Ludvigsen, Lift-All
John Gallo and B.J. Beaulieu, NES
Norma Conley

PJ Lovett, Pro Tool
PJ Lovett, Pro Tool
PJ Lovett, Pro Tool
Norma Conley